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Series - Mexico

The intention behind this series is not to show crime, violence, or poverty in the area or in the family. The idea behind these photos is to generate empathy and understanding for people in other life situations and break down prejudices against others.

The series shows people like you and me, only in different living circumstances. A remarkable family that has to struggle every day.

The series shows the daily life of a family living illegally in the electromagnetic field of overhead power lines in Playa del Carmen / Mexico.

Flor and Romero, originally from Chiapas, have arrived 5 years ago, together with their 6 sons to ‘Las Torres’ a squatter settlement under high voltage towers in Playa del Carmen / Mexico. It is an area that has been invaded by 700 families in the right-of-way of the overhead electric power lines and spreads over 10 km.

The series shows moments of their lives under this ‘charged’ circumstances.
A life in a legal blackhole which makes it one of the most dangerous parts of the city, neither police nor ambulances dare to enter.
Due to the Mexican law, that forbids housing under the electromagnetic field of the high voltage cables, the government doesn’t provide basic requirements, like water, electricity and a sewerage system.

Giving up is not the option.

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